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New Quilts from an Old Favorite 2011: Orange Peel

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New Quilts from an Old Favorite 2011:Orange Peel

On Exhibit March 10 to June 5, 2011

Nearly everyone remembers sleeping under a quilt made by their mother or grandmother, and many of those quilts were made from time-honored traditional quilt designs. Today’s quiltmakers were challenged by the National Quilt Museum to create original quilts based on the classic Orange Peel block pattern. Quilters from 14 U.S. states and Canada modified the Orange Peel design in imaginative ways, providing a wonderful look at the skills, techniques and creativity of today's quiltmakers. Support for the contest is provided by Fairfield Processing Corporation, Janome America, Incorporated, and Clover Needlecraft Inc..

-First place was awarded to Orange Blossom Special by Robin Gausebeck.
-Second place was awarded to Sandia Sunset by Sherri Bain Driver of Northglenn, CO.
-Third place was awarded to Tangerine Dream by Karen Watts of Houston, TX.
-Fourth place was awarded to Oranges by Nancy Eisenhauer of Belleville, IL.
-Fifth place was awarded to Cosmic Plum by Michael Michalski of Brooklyn, NY.

Other quilts which will be featured in the exhibit include:

Stained Glass Appeal by Mae Adkins of Casa Grande, AZ
Curve-A-Peel by Elaine Braun of Paducah, KY
Hola Mola by Diane Evans of Forest Ranch, CA
Leaf Cycle by Ann Feitelson and Ronna Erickson of Montague and Amherst, MA
Oh, The Web We Weave by Peggy Fetterhoff of The Woodlands, TX
Full Circle by Linda Forey of Montreal, QC, Canada
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel by Julia Graber of Brooksville, MS
Under A Peel: Don't Judge a Quilt by its Cover by Amy Krasnansky of Baltimore, MD
Color Splash by Ree Moffitt and Sheilah Crum of Palmer, AK
Juicy Fruit by Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger of Duluth, MN and St. George, UT
Fleur de Lis by Geri Parker and Kathy McNeil of Tulalip and Mt Vernon, WA
Shanghai Lights by Deborah Spofford of Vancouver, WA
Star A-Peel by Mary Sue Suit and Judy Woodworth of Sidney, NE

A book featuring full-color photos of the 18 finalists and their award winning quilts, biographical information about each quilter in addition to tips, techniques and patterns will be published by the American Quilter’s Society.

Sponsored by Clover, Janome and MODA.


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Stauth Memorial Museum 08/26/12 - 10/14/12 Montezuma KS



The 18 finalist quilts from our annual contest. Today's quillters remake this classic block with stunning results.

1st Place Winner for 2011
Orange Blossum Special by Robin Gausebeck

2nd Place Winner Sandia Sunset by Sherri Bain Driver

3rd Place Winner Tangerine Dream by Karen Watts

4th Place Winner Oranges by Nancy Eisenhauer

5th Place Winner, Cosmic Plum by Michael Michalski