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From the Pieces of a Nation: Civil War Period Quilts Exhibit

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Made for the Rev D.C. McCoy
Originated in Illinois
c. 1869
89" x 76"

This is a very fascinating presentation quilt representing the honor and respect for Rev D. C. McCoy. Daniel C. McCoy served in the 137th Illinois Infantry Volunteers which was organized at Camp Wood, Quincy, Illinois. The regiment was mustered in June 5, 1864 and served for one hundred days. Reverend D. C. McCoy was a well-respected pastor for the First Presbyterian Church of Clayton, Illinois located in Adams County. You will find various signatures throughout the quilt on blocks that showcase originality. The block with the date is very unique with the use of branches and leaves creating the date 1869. Patriotism was also displayed in the lower right hand corner with the appliquéd flag showcasing the original 13 stars and bars. The needlework on the presentation block is exquisitely rendered with fine stitches and great pride. "United States of America – August 20th AD 1869" is just another reminder that we live in a great country and quilters before us displayed their patriotism on cloth with stitches.

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Closeup of the presentation panel.